Formerly called Conversations with Dale.

Programming by Emptying the Disagreement Domains

Emery's Law

Diagnostic assertions

Using Git With Subversion Repositories

Testing and Team Effectiveness

Standardize Practices to Aid Moving People Around?

Page Object Puzzle

Testing with Variables

Not an Estimating Problem (Lightning Keynote)

Frank(enstein), Victor, Shelley, and Igor: Tools for Testing iOS Applications

Towers Episode 1: The Reclining Ribcage

What JUnit Rules are Good For

Using Rules to Influence JUnit Test Execution

One Small Thing

The Certification Prime Directive

Questions to Explore Problems

A Human Bias Toward Standards of Perfection

Bob and Dale Chat about Social Challenges at Work

Problem Statement Smells

Four Layers in Automated Tests


Writing Maintainable Automated Acceptance Tests

Too Much To Ask

Enthusiasm as a Human Resource

The Anatomy of a Responsibility

Planned Response Systems

Beware Accounting Errors

Testing is an Information Service

Interviewing Characters: Follow the Energy

Loopy Conversations: What Versus How, Means Versus Ends, Requirements Versus Design Choices

Introducing Gibberizer: Automated Gibberish

Key Bindings in Eclipse/RCP Applications

Developing Story Ideas by Clustering

Code Coverage Does Not Imply Test Coverage

Scenes and Beats

Writing Excuses Podcast

Writing with Variables

Non-parallel parallels

The CwD Shuffle

Leading Horses to Water

Example of a Professional Book Sales Pitch

Outlining and Strawberries

DaNoFiWriMo Progress

Reflections from DaNoFiWriMo Week 3

Reflections from DaNoFiWriMo Week 2

Reflections from DaNoFiWriMo Week 1

What Questions Do You Have About Resistance?

Rewriting the Story of Resistance


Naming Unit Tests



Multitasking and Conflict

How I Became a Coach

The Acceptance Question

The Pecker Principle


The Unbearable Lightness of Faking

Test Classes in Isolation and in Collaboration

The Resistance as a Resource Game


The Unwritten Rule of the Unwritten Rule

Guidelines for Defining, Writing, and Maintaining Policies

What Do You Want From Tests?

The Ladder of Delegation

Promoting Change When People Prefer Familiarity

Permission to Help

The Structure of Power






Your Needs for Workshops about Power and Leadership

The Law of Conservation of Frustration

Valuing Activity


The Purpose of Automation



The Prime Project Failure Factor

Agility and Service

Trust, Disappointment and Choice

Misrepresenting Mehrabian

Emery's Ironclad Test of Best Practices

Project Watch: Olympic Stadium

Confusion is Information

Interacting Flows: Value, Authority, and Communication

Dimensions of Software Testing

Aggregates and the Imbalance of Power

A Spiral Method Writing Session

Experiences with The Spiral Method

The Spiral Method for Writing Zeroth Drafts

Testing Needs and Wants

The Structure of Values

Tests for Listening

Strategies for Stability

Crucial Conversations

My Favorite Books of 2003


A Story of Resistance Resolved

A Relationship is a Story

Appreciate the Work

A Simple Measurement

Plan for the Present

Books about Writing

Writing with Power

Writing the Natural Way

Writing from the Inside Out

Writing Down the Bones


Being a Writer



The Change Agent's Offer



The Null Process

Third Person Underhanded

Good Questions

Risk and Commitment

Divide and Conquer

Estimates Are Not Commitments

Frames of Reference

Sustaining a Group

Open Space Technology

People Resist Change?


The Weight of Words

Defining Project Success

Congruence and the Prime Directive

The Second Directive

Creating Empathy

The Benefits of Failure

Don't Be Nice, Be Real

Famous Leadership Case Study

The Value Question

Willing to Change

Discouraging Generalizations

The Cheeseburger Talk

Meet People Where They Are

The Broccoli Principle

Saying Yes, Letting Go

After All We've Done for Them

Alison's Advice Advice

Banish the Scope Creep


Turning to One Another

I Don't Have Time

Dale Emery, Bureaucrat

Reversing the Definition Game

Quality is Time

Alignment, Accountability, and Priorities

Walking to the Horizon

The Responsibility Razor

Success, Belief, and Identity

Joy, Value, and Meaning

Managing Yourself Through Change