Managing Yourself Through Change [HTML] [PDF]

Are you experiencing or anticipating stressful changes? In this article, I describe ways to understand and nagivate change more successfully.

Questions to Explore Problems [epub] [PDF]

One of the most powerful things you can do to help someone solve a problem is to ask great questions. Here are dozens of questions that I’ve found essential in my work as a coach.

Resistance as a Resource [HTML] [PDF]

Are people resisting the changes you want to create in your organization? Look again at the way people are responding, and at the way you are interpreting the responses. What you are calling "resistance" may be your most valuable resource.

Of Status and Stakeholders [HTML] (With Elisabeth Hendrickson)

How do you know what to convey in a status report or on a status board? Ask your stakeholders what information they need.

Temperature Reading [HTML] [PDF] (With Judy Bamberger)

How any group can get useful information about how it is functioning.

Untangling Communication [HTML] [PDF]

Do you ever wonder why communication sometimes gets so tangled? In this article, I describe a model of how communication works, and show how to use the model to untangle communications, and to keep them from getting tangled in the first place.

Writing Maintainable Automated Acceptance Tests [PDF]

How to write maintainable automated acceptance tests by hiding incidental details, reducing duplication, and giving names to important test ideas.