Leadership is the art of influencing people to serve shared purposes. Leadership inspires people to create shared value.

I help software people to lead more effectively — to create greater value for their customers, for their colleagues, and for themselves.

All software people can lead. Whatever their roles, whatever their job titles, all software people can lead.

You can lead. And if you're already a leader, you can take the next steps, large or small, to become even more effective. I can help.

I offer consulting, facilitation, and training to inspire software people to become inspiring leaders.

I help leaders by focusing on three key questions:

As simple as these questions seem, they can be surprisingly difficult to answer in practice. Why? Because software development is complex. Because our goals are challenging and our resources are limited. Because we hold competing commitments, and we may not know how to satisfy them all. Because the world changes as we're figuring out how to cope with it. Because our capabilities, however well developed, are finite, and our execution, however skilled, is imperfect. Because people are human.

The better you can answer those three key questions and act on the answers, the more effectively you will lead, and the more value you will create.

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