Sometimes saying yes is hard. My challenge today is to pull the trigger on a long-overdue decision. I've decided to focus my consulting business on a specific area of service: helping people respond to resistance.

Resistance is a topic that energizes me. Resistance puzzles people, so people often want help responding well. I've studied resistance and learned a great deal about how to work with resistance, so I have help to offer. Many people know how I can help with resistance, so the people who might want my help will be able to find me. I've talked with hundreds of people about this challenging topic, and conducted dozens of workshops. There is great energy around resistance. I love working with people about resistance.

I've known all of this for years. For years I've considered focusing on resistance. So now I'm saying yes.

Why did I wait years? Because yes is hard. Saying yes to resistance means giving less attention to other things I love. I love coaching about management challenges. I love facilitating teams. I love conducting retrospectives. I love helping groups refine their processes. When I say yes to resistance, I don't have to stop doing those other things that I love. But I will put less emphasis on them. I have to let go. Letting go of the things I love is hard, even when it helps me say yes to the things I love the most.

Hard or not, it's time to say yes. To myself. Yes!