Here’s a new game I’ve invented, called The Resistance as a Resource Game.

Objective. To create, learn, remember, and express ideas about how to respond to resistance.

Where to Play. The game can be played anywhere that ideas can be posted, such as mailing lists, electronic forums, and conference rooms with walls, white boards, or flip charts.

Players. Any number of players can play.

Turns. It is always your turn.

Moves. There are four kinds of moves:

  1. Change. Post an example of change that you are promoting.
  2. “Resistance.” Choose one of the posted examples of change, and post an example of a statement that expresses “resistance” to that change.
  3. Reason. Choose one of the posted examples of “resistance,” and post an example of a reason that an intelligent, competent, sincere person of good will might say such a thing. My article “Resistance as a Resource might give you ideas for this move.
  4. Response. Choose one of the posted reasons, and post an idea about how to respond effectively to someone who has that reason for making that statement.